How can FundsTOTAL help me with investors?

      FundsTOTAL can help you to generate better returns while lowering portfolio volatility. Improving your track record will make it easier for you to retain existing investors and to raise money from new investors. Furthermore, sophisticated investors want to know that manager has cutting-edge risk management tools. Deploying FundsTOTAL will significantly increase confidence of your current and future investors.

    How much does FundsTOTAL cost?

      The price of FundsTOTAL subscription depends on number of users, modules used and transaction volume. Most users find FundsTOTAL surprisingly affordable and that it very soon “pays for itself”.

    How secure is FundsTOTAL?

      FundsTOTAL is located in a world-class SSAE16 Type II certified data center. FundsTOTAL is protected 24x7x365 by security guards, CCTV monitoring, biometric readers, access cards, firewalls, encryption and password-secure access.  And, of course, we never share your information with anyone.

    What instruments does FundsTOTAL support?

      Currently supported instruments include Equity, Options, Futures, Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Currency Forwards, Equity Swaps, CFD’s, Warrants, Bonds, CDS, Bank Loans.  More instruments will be available in the near future.

    How flexible is FundsTOTAL?

      Very.  FundsTOTAL is highly flexible and configurable on many different levels to provide clients with ultra-relevant functionality in an easy-to-use format.

    How easy is it to extend FundsTOTAL?

      FundsTOTAL was designed from the ground up to be rapidly "customizable" so new functionality can be added easily and cost effectively.

    I only need some of the modules.  Do I have to subscribe to all of them?

      No.  You can subscribe and pay only for the modules that you need.  You can add more as you need them.

    Do I pay for the data feed?

      No. Data costs are included in the service.

    What do I need to use FundsTOTAL?

      Any computer or mobile device such as iPhone, iPad or  Android-based device.

    How long does it take to learn to use FundsTOTAL?

      FundsTOTAL intuitive functionality flattens the learning curve and allows you to be proficient in just ten minutes or less.

    How fast is FundsTOTAL?

      Specifically designed to save precious seconds for traders, FundsTOTAL is ultra fast – thanks to advanced proprietary caching of transactions, calculations and data.

    I am using spreadsheet. How can I benefit from FundsTOTAL?

      While spreadsheets are very flexible, they have a significant number of limitations:

        Spreadsheets lack scalability and become very slow after accumulating  many data points.

        Spreadsheets don't allow for automatic aggregation and drill-down capability.

        Spreadsheets don't provide an audit trail.

      However, if you need  to continue using your spreadsheet, FundsTOTAL can import and export spreadsheets. So you can use both.

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