A broad foundation of pre-built components

FundsTOTAL not only offers an out-of-the-box cloud-based solutions to needs of portfolio managers, traders, and operations managers, it also offers customized software solutions at a fraction of the cost (and time) it takes investment firms to build their own proprietary systems. That's because we've identified the common components of our clients' programming needs and designed the software that provides a broad foundation upon which to customize. In fact, pre-built, high-level components constitute in many cases up to 95% percent of the programming required to serve our clients - meaning that most of the work is done before we even step foot in your door. This saves on extensive development time and its associated high costs.

Rapid Development, Customization and Assembly

FundsTOTAL is based  on our breakthrough software platform that allows for rapid customization through pre-assembled code. FundsTOTAL component architecture allows to rapidly develop a new components or to extend existing ones and them seamlessly integrate them within application.

Here's how it works: Picture three manufacturers each building a car. One starts from scratch -- with the nuts and bolts. Another starts with pre-assembled units such as doors and windows. The third manufacturer, the most innovative of the lot, starts with whole sections pre-assembled, including adaptable doors and windows already in place.

Traditional programming is like the first manufacturer, with software code written from scratch. Object-oriented programming, which has gained ground rapidly in recent years, is like the second manufacturer, with pieces of code pre-assembled. But a new level of object-oriented programming, which called framework programming, allows much larger sections of code to be manipulated in a flexible, coordinated way -- like the third manufacturer who works with large chunks of the car at one time.

Custom solutions on time and within a budget

The result is rapid development and deployment of sophisticated, customizable solutions. This enables us to provide custom solutions on time and within a budget.


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